Kitchen Progress

    We’ve been slowly chipping away at the kitchen these past few months.  It feels good to slowly mold our home into something that feels more us.  The kids have been great sports, as long as we don’t try to work for too long on any given day.


    Kitchen Progress Report

    Here is a rough before picture (we had already taken down the crown molding around the soffit and hung the ladder)


    Taking down the upper cabinets, vent hood, and soffit–what a mess that made!  Dry wall crumbs for days.


    Soffit down, exposing some plumbing, florescent lights, and a terrible electrical job behind the vent hood.


    Recessed lighting in, drywall patched, and I fitted metal ducting over our plastic plumbing drain that was exposed with the soffit removal.  We knew they were there–but decided we’d rather see those than the alternative.  Metal ducting is not as easily manipulated as I naively thought.  Paint and caulk hide a multitude of flaws!  Also, by this point have confirmed that drywall + mud sanding is my least favorite thing ever.


    Jumping ahead many moons we installed a vintage barn light over the sink, hung the antique cup rack, painted the kitchen walls and started painting the ceiling (we stopped to install more recessed lighting).  The pipes are much less noticeable now and I’m starting to hate cabinets sitting on the countertop.


    After weeks of waiting for just the right wood, we found some solid oak planks on the classifieds for dirt cheap.  Three 12″ x 8′ boards for $24 total.  There was a ton of research done on floating shelves, shelf brackets, and such.  We settled on black steel brackets from Etsy.  They are super sturdy so we don’t have to worry about shelves buckling when loaded with dishes.  They also look great with our curtain brackets we have over the patio door.


    On the squishy back corner of our kitchen we had a non-matching cabinet situation going on.  The style was close, but I didn’t like how they were two different colors.


    Not totally done, but such an improvement!  I added a narrow shelf above the microwave for our modem and school supplies to live.  I need to pull out the fridge to paint the underside and side of the cabinet, and I also have some really awesome hardware to install.


    Originally I had wanted to adjust the cabinet layout, but after much thought it wasn’t going to work.  Someday when we completely remodel we will work out a better layout (have my sights on an island for better kitchen flow).  Also, with the new layout I had thought to try concrete overlay counters, but now we will keep our laminate butcher block style.  It’s not our favorite, but it could have been much worse!  Also it’s indestructible, so that’s always good with small kids.  Other than finishing ceiling paint, the last thing on our Phase 1 of the kitchen is to paint the cabinets!  We’ve (more accurately I, Corey is kind to let me do much of the decision work) settled on a jade-ish green.  It will be so cheerful I can hardly wait to buy paint.

    kitchen-before-progress-cabinet color