House Goals: White

For many years in my youth our house had no color.  All white walls, all white trim.  This was during peak “Trading Spaces” years (I didn’t even have cable, but had seen many episodes at friend’s houses).  Why choose white when you could have all the colors!  I would never leave my house so colorless.  Over the years various rentals had some splashy colors that were fun for a while.  I’ve had bright green dining rooms, yellow bathrooms, and royal blue (not in a good way) kitchen cabinets–thankfully not in the same house.

Gingham Tablecloth

A decade an a half later and I’ve come full circle.  White.  I want everything white.  Life with small children is so chaotic I need some calm in my life.  As well I love to collect colorful accessories, art, and furniture–white is the perfect canvas to display on.

Selecting White Paint Chips

So project refresh is underway.  The various shades of beige and dark wood are going.

Dark Window Frames




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