Kitchen (Before)

Here is our kitchen.  BROWN.  Like way too much brown.  From the laminate countertops to the dark cabinets–BROWN.

1970s Kitchen Cabinets

I’ve already painted the window trim white in some of the images, hung the ladder pot rack, and started removing soffit trim.

1970s Kitchen

Our kitchen is somewhat narrow, and on the back wall you can see that the fridge and the nook where we keep the microwave and there are some cabinets that were added during a later renovation (they don’t match the others perfectly). You can also spot the laundry shoot (recently painted white).  While a fun idea, the laundry shoot is a glorified diaper storage cupboard for us right now and will be pulled out someday.

Kitchen Before

We aren’t ready to jump fully into renovations dropping dough like we’re the pizza man.  The current plan is to do some minor updates that would make a huge difference functionally and visually.  Kitchen overhaul phase one includes:

  • Remove uppers accessories (cabinets above peninsula + back wall and vent hood)
  • Remove soffit (!!!) and florecent lighting
  • Add recessed lighting
  • Disguise toilet drain (ew!) now exposed by missing soffit
  • Change peninsula cabinets to L-shaped cabinets + island using existing cabinetry
  • Move dishwasher against wall
  • Patch floor from moving cabinets + dishwasher
  • Concrete overlay countertops
  • DIYing some butcherblock for the island
  • Some sort of backsplash (Shiplap? Subway tile?)
  • White paint on walls, trim, possibly some cabinets
  • Hang antique cup rack
  • Hang ladder for pot rack
  • Rehang some cabinetry or open shelving
  • Swap out cabinet hardware
  • Possibly paint/stain lower cabinets

So piece of cake, right?  Riiight.  Either way, we’re diving in head first and updates will be forthcoming.


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