Letterpress Spice Rack

I love repurposing things, and many years ago I saw an image (long lost) of a letterpress drawer turned spice rack.  It was so charming to me and I wanted to recreate it.

blog-letterpress spice rack

I found some basic spice tins online and then started the hunt for the perfect letterpress drawer.  I had the tins and knew the dimensions I needed.  I checked junk shops, antique stores, without much luck.  I ended up finding a compatible letterpress drawer on Ebay.

Letterpress Spice Rack

One unexpected draw back was that I didn’t really think about the depth of the slots and the tins were to wide to stay put.  I decided to pick up a few packs of strong magnets and adhesive and we were in business.  I put washi tape around the tins for labels and I’ve been happily cooking with it since.

blog-letterpress 3


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